Virtual IT Director & CTO

Outbound Virtual’s IT Services provide the benefit of having an IT leader, such as an IT Director or CTO who has decades of experience in national and international diverse IT environments. It removes the burden of hiring a senior-level IT executive and their overheads.

Does your business have the Technology Leadership it needs?

Through Outbound Virtuals’ comprehensive IT Leadership Services, you can find senior-level executives that will serve as C-level executives and IT leaders for your organisation. Our executive resources have experience and technical knowledge of a broad range of IT platforms, technologies, and digital transformations, so they can quickly and effectively match your business objectives with the right technology solutions.

Gain access to seasoned IT professionals

Our virtual IT Director and Virtual CTO services offer the unique experience of treating our people as your own staff, embedded within your organisation as a senior professional. With our experts by your side, we’re committed to helping you build an IT organisation that is more efficient, more reliable, and more cost-effective.

Virtual IT-Director-as-a-Service

Virtual IT-Director-as-a-Service provides an affordable hands-on approach, providing you with the highest levels of IT leadership, guidance and support to drive technology developments in your business.

Our Virtual IT Director service is structured towards asking the right questions and directing your business towards IT excellence. From GDPR compliance to IT budget reviews, there will be expertise on hand from the company that knows IT inside and out. The service can be tailored around specific transformation, projects or taking control of the IT department.

This service is generally targeted as businesses that have a small internal or external IT support organisation but require a person to take leadership of this and provide the gap between the board and IT/. Delivered remotely and offers management, budgetary and strategic technology management. Generally contracted within a defined monthly hours or number of days retainer.

Examples of our vIT Director Service


  • Enterprise architecture reviews
  • Target operating model review, time, and motion study
  • Independent program/project reviews
  • Onshore, offshore, nearshore options
  • HR consultancy and advice
  • IT effectiveness
  • IT cost reduction
  • IT sourcing and procurement
  • Information and analytics
  • IT programme delivery


Outbound Virtual will help manage and maintain your IT structure, build and formulate an IT Strategy, carry out a maturity assessment and review budgets.


We review your current technology stack, operating model and supplier/partner and identify any improvements that should be made. Based on this knowledge and your business objectives, we will develop a technology plan to support your business.


We’ll create a roadmap to help you achieve your goals based on the strategy we developed together. Our vIT Director will be there to help see the project through to completion.

“An organisation's performance can be significantly impacted by adopting new technologies, especially considering how rapidly the business landscape is changing.

A complex undertaking such as IT management requires leadership in order to manage it efficiently, to remain relevant in a time of disruption, and to stay one step ahead of your competition. Another significant challenge that we help overcome is understanding the gap between IT and Business needs, and how to improve this and create alignment for our clients.”
– Outbound Virtual

Outcome of Virtual IT Services

Hiring a CTO to be full-time members of your executive team can be expensive, time consuming and costly. From salary to benefits, many business owners find it difficult to justify bringing on a technology expert full time to lead their IT department.

That’s why many companies turn to a virtual solution to save money. They essentially perform all of the functions of a conventional CTO, but act as a pay-as-you-go service. So, you pay for only the services you need.

Smaller businesses who lack an IT department or are worrying if their company is too small to attract the right talent, also benefit from this solution. At Outbound Virtual we can help you avoid those costs with our virtual IT Director and CTO services.

• Less risk for industries and companies
• Cost effective
• Independent trusted advisor
• Reduce churn and ensure continuity
• Vast experienced people
• Flexibility to scale from hours to days a month
• Powerful networks to gain from
• Network of partners and suppliers to assist
• Can be used for specific engagements or projects

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Build a pathway to technical excellence

No cost and no obligation. All these services give your business the dedicated expert resources it needs to grow. Your virtual expert will act like part of your internal team and a trusted advisor for your business. Save time and money and access senior-level expertise that helps to put your business ahead of the competition.