Three reasons why Friday afternoon’s (or in fact any afternoon in some industries!) may not be a good time to run a training course. Does this ring a bell?

You’re invited to attend a training course or a workshop on a Friday afternoon; what are the things that go through your head?

  • I have so much to finish off and wanted to clear my to-do list before the weekend
  • With the weekend coming up, I’ll be relaxed and better able to concentrate on the course
  • I guess now is as good a time as any but let me get another cup of coffee
  • What are my plans for this weekend?
  • Oh, wait what application is this, when are we going live?!!

Many believe that Fridays are a terrible day to run a training session:


  1. Studies show that up to 70% of training content is typically forgotten within 24 hours; running the course on a Friday means that by Monday, the content will be a distant memory. Putting the newly acquired knowledge to good use will have to wait and this is a wasted opportunity because many individuals learn by doing
  2. Fridays tend to be used to consolidate and complete the week’s activities – most people use a Friday to complete tasks ready for the weekend. Using this time for a training course denies individuals the opportunity to do this. As a result, there’s potentially less focus on the training and more distraction on the “Friday things” that should have been done.
  3. After a busy week, individuals are often fatigued on Friday’s and thus, not particularly receptive to knowledge transfer.

Naturally, this could even be true for running training sessions 6, 5 or even 4 weeks before going live with a new platform

So, the next time somebody suggests a Friday for training, training that’s way out before your new system is live, think again.

Consider a Digital Adoption Platform such as Apty – this solution delivers help, guidance, and training content to millions of users around the world. Apty’s approach is on-demand and at the point within the application where needed. This will form a series of insights into Apty, why we think this platform is easy to use, administer, adapt, and monitor the performance of your next implementation.

Or better still contact us for more information on how we can improve your platform adoptions.

Outbound™’s consultancy division drive innovation, provide implementation services and recently partnered with Apty to aid implementations and drive more adoption of systems.

All of which means users have a no-stress-Monday; no trying to recall the content of that Friday afternoon training session!