Case Study

Outbound™ Virtual IT Director delivers reliable, trusted and agile service.

Virtual IT Director Solution


Organisation: YoPO
Industry: Online Yogo Practice
Type of Business: Startup

YoPO is a platform that provides online on-demand resources to help busy people improve well-being through yoga inspired movement and mindfulness practices that are quick, easy, accessible, and enjoyable.


YoPO wanted a trusted IT partner to work closely with them to help plan and build the systems to provide their online service. They wanted the trusted partner to become their virtual IT Department.

They needed a partner that understood what they needed from back-office systems and architecture. They required a full turnkey solution which was all cloud based.

Outbound’s™ Virtual IT Director package and service became their IT department, virtually.


  • All in one solution, per user
  • Trusted advisor – CIO / IT Director
  • Internal support – Level 4 (Incl. 2 hours a month)
  • Accounting System
  • Microsoft 365
  • Cloud Back-ups
  • Domain hosting
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • End user support
  • Patch Management
  • Automated booking and video conference solution


  • A trusted virtual IT department
  • Reliable and agile collaboration and communication
  • Cost effective broad base of knowledgeable covering multiply services
“We are delighted to be working with Outbound™ Solutions and would recommend their bespoke virtual IT department service to any start up. The service has allowed us to concentrate on development of the business safe in the knowledge that our IT is under expert management, and they have responded rapidly to any urgent needs,”
Helen Withers



  • Providing a single all-in-one turnkey solution acting as their virtual IT Department and IT Leadership.
  • Complete start-up cloud only solutions.
  • Automated website and Zoom solution for end to end live and on-demand sessions.


  • Integration solutions and services
  • Fully managed endpoint security protection
  • Microsoft 365, Teams, training and support
  • SaaS Protection Microsoft 365 backups
  • Reliable support collaboration desk/department
  • Accounting platform
  • Zoom video conference suite
  • Watchguard Adaptive Defense 360 endpoint protection

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