Case Study

Outbound™ implements cloud managed O365 back up platform.

Outbound™ Cloud – Managed SaaS Protection, Office 365 Back Up Platform for a UK registered charity company.


Industry: Charity/ Non-profit
Number of Email Users: up to 300

A registered charity that focuses on mental health and social change. For more than 30 years they embraced their knowledge and expertise to voice a mission to be a platform for connection, transformation and social change. The vision for this charity is sustainable wellbeing for all.


This charity wanted a trusted IT provider to work with them to help with a back up solution. The main instructions was to find a product that was extremely cost effective but also GDPR policy compliant. Their intention was to mange the platform themselves which would require it to be uncomplicated to install, use and manage. The chosen product would need to include all these requirements without compromising on the level and security of the product .


  • Datto Unlimited Retention
  • “Set and forget” solution
  • Backup solution for email, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint
  • Using modern authentication
  • UK private cloud


  • Simple and easy to use and manage
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Low effort to support and maintain


  • Cost effective solution is key with budgets limited
  • A solution to self manage with an option for partner managed
  • UK data location is imperative
  • GDPR compliant
  • Ease of use
  • Compliant with Oauth intergration


  • Datto SaaS Protection (Backupify)
  • Unlimited data Cloud Retention
  • Annual contract
  • Cloud to cloud no on-premise infrastructure required
  • Secure

Not many businesses are away that most cloud providers are not responsible for keeping your data long term. Not responsible for turning back time to restore data and not responsible to keeping your data when you delete it.

They all operated a “shared responsibility model” in which they are responsible for ensuring the service is available and your current data is available against the Service Level Agreements.

It is important to ensure you backup your data, retain your data and ensure you can restore it. This solution offers 1 year data retention and unlimited data retention schedules (you can specify 1 year+ – unlimited years)

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