During 2023, companies will be looking for cybersecurity and remotely managed IT services – particularly those that optimise their current resources – to keep up with growing demands.

Today, Outbound Group launched its Virtual Services division to help UK organisations improve their IT agility and scalability.

Economic signals point to a challenging IT services environment in 2023. In the last year alone, the number of cyberattacks against companies has increased by over 400%, and most businesses find managed IT solutions to be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Rapid digital transformation has left businesses playing catch-up with security and in an era where time is of the essence, there is immense pressure to implement comprehensive cyber security solutions as quickly as possible.

Outbound Virtual offers clients an affordable, easily understood solution and the personal attention required to create a proactive cybersecurity culture to help mitigate their risk. In addition to managed services, Outbound also provides best practices and a clear understanding of the business’s IT environment so that they can dramatically reduce their costs and maximise their current technology investments.

Outbound offers a Security Assessment Bundle in their Virtual IT Department Plans, so that companies can identify the threats facing their information systems, networks, and data with the most comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management solution.

While Outbound’s Virtual IT Services will maintain the MSP side of its operations, it aims to transform into a “very security-focused solution. “Cybersecurity services is growing faster than other areas in IT services due to heightened threat levels and the need for organisations to raise their cybersecurity posture,” said Outbound.

As a Microsoft Silver partner, Outbound has also partnered with solution partners Datto, WatchGuard (Gold Partner), USecure and CyberSmart. “More than ever, businesses need to be supported in a way that allows them to deliver the best possible service to their customers,” said Outbound. “However, typical IT solutions, especially cyber security solutions are too expensive and complicated for most businesses. This new virtual services connects companies with cybersecurity services at an affordable rate, from a UK-based provider.”

Outbound Virtual will offer cybersecurity services to customers ranging from startups to large enterprises. Founded by four key executives with over 100 years of combined IT and cybersecurity experience, extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise, Outbound is a recognised leader in its field.

“Outbound Virtual stood out from the start…I had thought we only needed someone to “fix” things, but we have advanced far beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend Outbound Virtual – they were transparent from the start, and they met all our needs.” – Outbound Client

“Every business is at risk of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, which can adversely affect its reputation as well. We carefully evaluated several providers before selecting Outbound. Their performance was at the top of our shortlist, and we could not be happier with our choice.
” – Outbound Virtual Client

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