It is with great pleasure that the Outbound Group, formerly Outbound Solutions, announces the launch of a new organisational structure which focuses on the company’s operations and growth strategy.

The new structure includes three core divisions that more accurately reflect the activities of the company: Outbound Hub, Outbound Virtual, and Outbound Solutions.

Outbound Group’s finance, accounting, and client service departments provide the foundational support required to manage its three divisions. With offices in London and Essex, Outbound Group has operations in many areas in the United Kingdom. The company’s management team have hand-picked a team of operational and engineering specialists.

Outbound Hub includes a Products & Hardware Store featuring over 60,000 products, Microsoft 365 products and solutions, Technology Tender-as-a-Service, Sustainable IT solutions, and Network & Telecoms solutions. With Outbound Hub’s services, businesses can streamline processes, manage budgets with multiple cost centers, and gain greater control over complex procurement processes.

Outbound Virtual offers virtual IT managed services (MSP), virtual CTO, CIO, and IT director services. This division aims to bolster companies’ teams with Outbound’ s, C-level expertise to improve efficiency, innovation, and operations without the financial burden of a full-time employee.

Outbound Solutions provides secure, world-class technical solutions to businesses of all sizes. Outbound experts provide comprehensive security solutions based on their expertise in cyber security. All Outbound Solutions products are tailored to meet the needs of the customer, from risk assessment to penetration testing and incident response.

2022 proved to be a year of growth and positive momentum:

  • Successfully migrated 5 organisations to the cloud
  • Helped more than 10 businesses gain more efficiency and value from Microsoft 365
  • Onboarded 12 new clients
  • Launched new, value-added services
  • Partnered with another 15 vendors to broaden our portfolio
  • Onboarded several Azure managed service clients
  • Over 20+ projects completed over the last 12 months ranging from selecting and implementing varying platforms for clients from CRM, Insurtech, Finance, HR and data migrations
  • 4 Strategic partnerships announced
  • Further 15+ vendor partnerships
  • Global support resource availability
  • Launch of the secure engineering teams

We have created the new divisions based on three strategic objectives.

1. A simplified organisation structure and a transformed operating model will allow Outbound to remain an agile business partner while reducing costs and speeding up processes.

2. Outbound will continue to grow in virtual services as the future becomes increasingly digital, offering virtual managed IT departments to startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

3. Outbound is refocusing its portfolio to focus more clearly on cyber security and will always keep security at the forefront of its core activities. Increasing cyber threats necessitate more rigorous cyber security solutions. By partnering with global leaders in next-generation security, it is strengthening its investments in data security, backup, and storage.

Through technology partnerships, Outbound Group has already succeeded in certifying companies from SMEs to enterprises with Cyber Essentials Certifications, as well as Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications.

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