How do you protect the universe? That’s effectively the question cyber security professionals are asked to answer every day.

Every year, records are broken for the number of devices connected to the internet, the average number of software applications run by a business, the number of global locations those applications are accessed from and how many people are using them. There’s no denying that people and processes are more dependent on technology than ever. In tandem, new cyber threats and incidents occur at an alarming pace and organisations must equip themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard their digital assets.
Cyber resilience has fast become the new industry standard underpinned by cyber security frameworks. Cyber resilience is the ability for an organisation to identify, protect, detect, respond to, and recover from a cyber incident.

As trusted technology partners, Outbound’s ethos has always been to bring technology, people, and process together. Recognising the critical need for businesses to adopt cyber resilience, we are hosting Outbound Cyber Resilience Summit, to raise awareness of the modern threat landscape, educate attendees on the need to take a proactive approach to cyber security and to kickstart their journey to cyber resilience.

Understanding Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience is the ability to continue business operations despite a cyber security incident with minimal impact.

There are 5 pillars to being cyber resilient:
1. Identify: know the cybersecurity risks your business
2. Protect: plan how to limit or completely prevent the impact of potential threats
3. Detect: ensure you can identify a cyber incident when it occurs
4. Respond: pre-plan the actions to take when responding to a cyber attack
5. Recover: know in advance how services will be restored and repeat incidents prevented

Our Commitment to Cyber Resilience

From inception, Outbound has been committed to bringing people, technology, and process together, it’s in our DNA and is the cornerstone of building cyber resilience. Our business is helping you to grow and protect yours. By hosting the Cyber Resilience Summit, we hope to foster a community of knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and best practices among industry experts, security professionals, and business leaders. With a limited spaces available, attendees are ensured an exclusive and collaborative experience. Keeping the event invitation only will develop meaningful connections and conversations with likeminded peers and relevant advice from experts in the Cyber Security field. We are already gearing up for a larger event next year to continue the success of this year’s summit.

What’s in it for you?

The summit aims to educate attendees about the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, from emerging attack vectors to the latest defence and business continuity strategies. Keynote presentations will be delivered by cyber security specialist from a selection of our strategic partners as well as the Outbound team. Thew will be an interactive panel discussion where you can ask questions across a range of topics, from ransomware and phishing attacks to compliance and training your employees on cyber security awareness.

By bringing together thought leaders in cyber security with business leaders, the summit creates a platform for meaningful collaboration and networking. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences, and gain insights into how others are approaching cyber resilience.

Practical Insights
Beyond theoretical discussions, the summit will focus on providing practical insights that attendees can implement and will empower participants to take proactive steps towards enhancing their cyber resilience.

The ever-evolving nature of cyber threats demands innovative solutions that go beyond “good enough”. The summit will highlight approaches that can help organisations stay one step ahead of attackers and help you to align your business and technology strategy to cyber resilience. We’ll introduce you to some well-known and reputable thought leaders in the cyber security space who you’ll have the opportunity to speak to in the networking session.

Outbound recognises that cyber resilience is not just a concern for IT departments but a crucial aspect of business strategy. By raising awareness about cyber threats and resilience strategies, the summit aims to foster a culture of cybersecurity across all levels of organisations. Cyber security really is everyone’s responsibility.

Why Outbound is Championing Cyber Resilience

Outbound’s commitment to promoting cyber resilience stems from our core values of innovation, customer trust, and technological advancement. We understand that as organisations become increasingly reliant on digital platforms, a single cyber incident can have far-reaching consequences, affecting not only business operations and revenue but also customer trust and brand reputation.

“We are taking a leadership role in driving change within the industry. We believe that when organisations come together to share knowledge, experiences, and solutions, the entire community becomes more prepared and resilient in the face of cyber threats.”

Outbound Cyber Resilience Summit is an educational initiative that reflects our commitment to our clients and to bringing technology, people, and processes together.

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