Our technology teams at Outbound™ continue to demonstrate their ability to protect our customers’ data by securing the Cyber Essentials certification.

Why Cyber Essentials is needed

As the cyber security landscape changes constantly, threats are evolving daily. Outbound™ recognizes this. Information security has never been more relevant and protecting it more vital. Organisations use cloud services and managed IT services provided by external providers almost exclusively. As part of Cyber Essentials, these cloud systems need to be examined to prove they have secure configurations, user access controls, malware protections and patch management.

Meticulous Requirements

To achieve Cyber Essentials certification, Outbound™ underwent an independent review of our systems and processes, as well as more advanced security testing by the accreditation body. The achievement of this certification indicates an increased level of security processes and practices. Outbound™ clients are afforded enhanced confidence that their information is secure.

“Cyber Essentials is aimed at all businesses, small, medium, and large. It provides a good grounding in 27001 and demonstrates best practices in implementation. As part of our automated compliance platform, we not only offer an intuitive easy-to-use assessment (no more Excel spreadsheets every year!) but also the option of installing a small software agent that provides a 24/7 compliance check against Cyber Essentials Plus. Using the software, you can ensure all of your employees read and accept your corporate policies and procedures, potentially mitigating attacks.”
– Outbound™ Founders

It is available As-a-service and with Free Cyber Insurance cover (T&C’s apply).

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