Power BI + Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

When it comes to making the best use of data, many businesses fall short:

  • 41% of businesses struggle to turn data into decisions
  • 15% of companies feel like they have a complete view of customers
  • 61% of customers stopped doing business with at least one company because of poor customer experience

Power BI and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are foundational to driving a data culture within any industry. These tools allow for intelligent data unification, smart reporting, and visualisation of the big picture in any organisation.

Better decision-making starts with enhanced market insights and rich customer views.

Glean powerful insights with analytics and AI

  • Unify data into one platform and eliminate siloes
  • Link workspaces together
  • Create enterprise-grade semantic models

Personalize the customer experience

  • Get a single view of customers in real-time
  • Transform customer data into actionable insights
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences

Connect across team channels and keep valuable data secure

  • Access one complete view of data across every communication platform
  • Connect systems and tools with recommendation and insights
  • Leverage security monitors and governance checks

Gain powerful insights with analytics & AI

Unify data into one platform and eliminate siloes:
Unify your self-service and enterprise business intelligence platform to seamlessly bridge data with decision making, craft intuitive BI reports, and employ reliable forecasting.

Link workspaces together:
Create a single pane view to manage the end to end analytics infrastructure while allowing for smarter insights and recommendations using AI.

Create enterprise-grade semantic models:
Help define KPIs and business logic, apply role-based security, and provide a blazingly fast
in-memory cache.

Personalise the customer experience

Get a single view of customers in real time:
Get a holistic perspective of customers by bringing together your transactional, observational, and behavioral data in real-time with prebuilt connectors to create persistently up-to-date profiles for contacts and accounts.

Transform customer data into actionable insights:
Harmonize rich data to drive customer experiences, increase engagement, humanise transactions, and
increase revenue.

Deliver personalised customer experiences:
Employ out-of-the-box machine learning templates to predict churn, next best action, and product recommendations while discovering new audience segments with AI-driven recommendations.

Connect across team channels and protect valuable data

Access one complete view of data across every communication platform:
Empower your team to tailor digital and 1:1 interactions at scale using contextual insights gained from a complete view of customers.

Connect systems and tools with recommendation and insights:
Fuse insights across Office, Teams, and Power Platform to provide rich data visualisation along with powerful reporting to enhance the overall health of your organisation.

Leverage security monitors and governance checks:
Enhance organisational oversight, keep your data safe with cloud security monitoring, and enforce governance policies even when information gets exported.

“Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps us to segment the right audiences, to focus on them, to engage them in a very relevant way, and to retain them”

“Power BI has allowed us to automate mundane work, create efficient workflows, and make data-driven decisions.” – Nipa C, General Manager IT + Decision Driver

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